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The SMTP + Messages Statistics section, accessible from Statistics> Email then the SMTP + messages tab, collects all the statistics and reports regarding SMTP + transactional sendings.

This tab contains the list of transactional messages sent, aggregated according to the choice selected in the list configurations.

For each aggregated message, the following information is shown in the list:

  • Subject
  • Message ID
  • Sending date and time
  • tags
  • Number of recipients
  • Delivery rate
  • Number of openings and percentage of emails delivered
  • Number of clicks and percentage of emails delivered

Search filters

SMTP + messages can be filtered in order to search for a specific message sent or to display only items with some characteristics.

Specifically, it is possible to:

  • Select one or more sent messages,
  • Search for content in the subject, in the notes, in the content of the sent message, or in the ID,
  • Restrict the search period.

From the Actions menu on the right of the message, you can delete the statistics of the entire message, or access the detailed statistics, by selecting "View statistics".

From the item of the Actions menu "View statistics", for each message you can consult:

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