The Account settings section allows you configure every feature of your platform which is not list-specific, but related to the platform as a whole, or that helps you manage more easily your every-day work inside your platform.

For example, from this section you will be able to:

...and have access to many more features.

Using a Custom Domain (third-level or c-name)

Why use a custom domain

You can use a C-NAME or custom domain with our system (e.g. news.yourCompany.com or updates.myBusiness.com). The main reasons are:

How it affects your MailUp account

The custom domain will be used:

In other words, it allows you to fully rebrand all links used by the system.

How to get it set up

  1. Create the new C-NAME: consult with the company that you registered your domain with as to how to create a C-NAME 
  2. Point to: c.mailup.com (same as above) 
  3. Once you point your C-NAME to our system, it normally takes 24-48 hours for the change to propagate.
  4. Once logged in MailUp, go to your billing plan (the user icon in the upper right) and, under "My Plan", click on "personalize your domain". Specify your domain as "New hostname"

Please note that additional fees may apply to this feature. It is part of the "No Logo" option: if your subscription does not include this option, you will need to add it to your account. For pricing, see: http://www.mailup.com/pay-per-speed-email-marketing.htm