The SMS recipients page allows you to manage recipients with a mobile number associated with their profile. The Subscribed, Unsubscribed and Pending tabs allow you to modify, delete or unsubscribe SMS recipients. You can do an individual recipient search or a collective search based on group, filter, subscription date and even area code. You can save searches in groups or create a new group for reporting/statistical purposes.


Once you've chosen the status, you can do a simple search by entering an email or do more advanced searches based on a group, filter and/or even subscription status date by clicking on Search.

The recipient search feature allows you to apply all the advanced search options available to you (groups, filters, custom fields, etc.). You can add one or more options by clicking on "+".

You can even search by subscription date, selecting a time frame.

Once the system has picked up one or more recipients, go to the tab "Actions" to View profile, Unsubscribe, Delete.


Manage recipients

After running a search, select MOVE / COPY to open the tab with all the actions you can do on the selection.

Manage groups

The first three actions allow managing the groups assigned to the recipients you searched for.

For these actions, you can quickly create a new group by clicking on "Add new group" on the right of the drop-down menu. Besides that, you can decide to act only on a random subset of recipients, enabling the "Randomly select n recipients" checkbox and specifying the number of recipients needed.

Other actions