New from file

You can create a new message from an HTML file with the "From a file" option on the following page: Messages > Email > Create new page. 

You can also upload a .zip archive containing both the HTML file and the images, or a single .html file.

To upload the attachments, you need to upload a folder named "attachments” inside a zip file. Make sure you have the "Attachments" option enabled with your subscription.

When you create a message from file you can:

During the saving phase, the system checks:

In case of problems, a warning message will appear with the details of the problems encountered so you can decide whether to modify the message, go to the summary or delete the message.

  • Insert only 1 HTML file in the .zip
  • Images and other files can be in the root or in subfolders: they always be organized as they are referenced within the HTML.

New from URL

You can create the email message from a web page or from an accessible URL and then edit the HTML.

On the page for creating a message from URL, you can:

In the upload operation, you transfer only the text, not the images or the layout or CSS style of the web page.