This menu allows you to create a new list and to complete its setup.

There are 5 tabs in this section: let's see them in detail:


Before proceeding to set all the parameters, you have here a very useful tool that you can use if you plan to setup the new list as an existing one: "Copy settings from...". You find this option at the bottom of the screen under the tab "Configuration": just select the list from which you want to copy the settings from the dropdown menu and press "Save".

Our system gives you the chance to compare your mailings to those of other companies in the same industry that use our system.

In order to allow the system to do that, you have to fill out these fields correctly:


Set here the following parameters:


A section in the admin console that allows you to enable/disable some automated messages:


You can choose among several methods of unsubscription - let's see them in detail:

At the bottom of this menu you will find the button to enable the "Unsubscribe notification message": this feature sends an email message to the email address indicated, each time a recipient unsubscribes. Just enable the feature, enter a valid email address in the blank and click on"Save".

Advanced options

This area of your admin console is divided into three kind of advanced options:

General Options

Email Options

SMS Option