Table of contents

Installing the package in Salesforce

The MailUp for Salesforce connector is currently available, free of charge, at the following address (in the fall of 2014 will be available directly from the Salesforce Appexchange): (version 1.7)


If you are testing the package in a Salesfore sandbox organization, change the first part of the URL to

In the Package components page your will notice some information on items that will be added to your organization's system: you can simply click on Continue.

Next: please authorize the communication between your MailUp account and Salesforce by selecting the appropriate checkbox and clicking on Continue.

You will then see a summary of the API access requirements for this package. Just click on Next to proceed.

You can then define the access levels for your different users' roles: select the desired granted level and click on Continue.

You have now completed your configuration and can click on Install.

Once the installation has been completed, you will find the MailUp for Salesforce connector listed together with other installed components in the Sales menu.

Editing your Salesforce layouts

The next steps is to edit a few of the layouts used in Salesforce for use with the connector. 

Campaign Layout

First you will need to edit the Campaign page layout.

Campaign Member Layout

Follow the same process to edit your Campaign Member Page Layout.

You will find it under Build > Customize > Campaigns > Campaign Member > Page Layout.

Connecting Salesforce to your MailUp account

It's now time to connect your Salesforce organization to a List in your MailUp account.

MailUp is a multi-list environment, but you can only associate with your Salesforce organization one MailUp account and one LIst within that account.

Any contacts or message that will be exported from Salesforce into your MailUp console will be available within that List.

Scheduling tasks

Your Salesforce organization is now connected to the list your specified in your MailUp account. The bottom of the Configuration page has another section called Schedule Task.

This section is meant to allow you to schedule an import of your email campaign statistics. The statistics will be retrieved once a day at the time you specify for a period of a month after you sent your campaign. 

Mapping fields

Finally, you will want to map fields between your lead and contact database in Salesforce and your recipient database in MailUp.(learn more abount custom recipient fields in MailUp).

To do so, click on the new Field Mapping tab in the navigation.


Do not map the email address as this is already mapped by the code as the unique identifier of your contact!

Your're done!

You've completed the installation and configuration of the MailUp connector for Salesforce.

You can now start your first campaign!