With MailUp 8.7 we added some tools that helps your list growing

You can find those in your admin tool: Settings > List settings > List building tools

From here you can:

Create editable subscribtion forms  

In this page you can:

Create forms with the DRAG & DROP tool

Create a subscription form easily following these 7 steps:

  1. Give a name and a description to the form
  2. Drag and drop the elements that are part of your form
  3. Complete the settings for each element
  4. Select the form style
  5. View the preview of the form
  6. Save the form
  7. Get the code and copy and paste it on your website

Create forms with HTML

From this page you can create a subscription form and edit its HTML as shown below

Create a subscription button

Quickly create a button that links to a hosted subscription form:

  1. Select a style
  2. View the preview
  3. Pick the form the button will link to
  4. Get the code and paste it to your site