This export type encloses the statistics generated from an Email campaign. This means it will display as many rows as many were the actions taken by a recipient towards a certain campaign.

A row will be generated each time a recipient opens a message or clicks on any of the links nested into the email message. A row is also generated for those recipients taking no action on a capaign they were sent to.

Full export is flexible to meet customers' highest expectations and can be mainly cutomized with the fields listed below.


Csv Layout






List ID

List ID in MailUp




Send ID

Send ID in MailUp




Message ID

Message ID in MailUp (newsletter/DEM)




E-mail address

e-mail address of the recipient




Subject header of the email message





Possible values:
OPN (open)
CLK (click)
NCO (not delivered)



  • OPN if the system records the action of downloading the images in the message
  • CLK if the system records a click
  • NCO in case of bounce, or when a message was sent but no clicks or opens were detected for it
  • SNT when a campaign was sent to a certain recipient


Clicked URL (if Status=CLK) or bounce code* (if Status=NCO)




Date of the operation saved in the record. It can indicate an open, a click or bounce detection

ISO format for dates

20110122T113000 stands for Jan 22th, 2011, 11:30 AM


Send date

Date the message was sent

ISO format for dates


Ip AddressClient's Ip address, applies only in case of click or openString Y
Geo DataThe region or area the action is generated fromString Y
User AgentUsually the standard browser or Email client information coming along with a view or a click. Please mind to use a text qualifier if planning to include this column in your csv final layoutString Y
Campaign TagsIf any was used for a campaign, this column will display a comma separated tag sequence. This column does not allow to use any custom separator other than comma, so please consider to use a text qualifier, or else a semicolon / pipe csv column separator if planning to include this column in your final csv layoutStringTag1, Tag2, Tag3Y


Column options

The layout displayed above can't be modified in the fields' order, but you can decide to toggle some of them or add some to the default layout:

  1. Any dynamic field belonging to recipients, also available if fields were renamed.
  2. In the "Details" column it is possibile to display the click URL when the row is CLK type.
  3. Column "SendId".
  4. Column "IpAddress", where applicable. For instance, client ip address is caught in case of click or view
  5. Column "Geographical region", that reports approximately where a click or an open were made from.
  6. Column User agent : applicable to click and views rows
  7. Column "Tags" 


Row options

The csv file may optionally display :

  1. columns header, exported along with the data
  2. last Action only: you can choose to read only the latest action a recipient took for a certain campaign. So if a recipient views a campaign and then he clicks on it, on the csv only the click row will be exported.
  3. toggle click related rows
  4. toggle open/views related rows
  5. toggle bounce related rows
  6. toggle no action ( NCO ) related rows
  7. toggle sent email rows ( SNT ).  ( from 8.9 onward )


What is the difference between NCO and SNT row types?

  1. NCO marked rows might represent a temporary action status. If the same NCO recipient should ever open or click an email, the NCO row would not be included in the exported csv.
  2. SNT instead reports the campaign sent to a certain recipient, and its status won't vary in the time even following to an open or a click action event. When SNT is enabled, usually NCO is not, and viceversa.



Other options 

Each column can be also written with a text qualifier, usually a single or double quote.



Sample 1 displays "idList", "idNL", "Email", "subject", "statusType", "details", "statusChange" ( date ), "sentdate" ( another date ) and four dynamic fileds.

5;1555;;Subject of your campaign;OPN;;20150513T232106;20150513T112026;John;Smith;34234;085861532
5;1555;;Subject of your campaign;CLK;;20150513T232206;20150513T112210;John;Smith;34234;085861532
5;1550;;Campaign subject;NCO;;20150513T013820;20150508T150226;;;;0158634536
5;1555;;Campaign subject;NCO;HB   ;20150513T182035;20150513T112210;;;;001478445;2125401707


Sample 2 displays "idList", "idInvio" ( sendId ),"idNL" ( newsletter id ), "Email", "Subject", "statusChange", "sentdate" , "tags" and "FirstName"

1;166;172;;Test DynField;SNT;;20150521T105242;20150417T140808;Tag1, Tag2, Tag3;John
1;166;172;;Test DynField;OPN;;20150417T141100;20150417T140808;Tag1, Tag2, Tag3;John


Sample 3 displays a csv layout inclusive of a single quote text qualifier. Text qualifier is very often used when "useragentdata" is part of the layout, as user agent might display characters that could be misread as separator.

'idList';'idInvio';'idNl';'email';'subject';'statusType';'details';'statusChange';'sentDate';'ipaddress';'countryname';'region';'city';'useragentdata''1';'14';'6';'';'Esempio di messaggio creato con un feed RSS';'OPN';'';'20140905T200936';'20140903T010936';'';'-';'-';'-';'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:15.0) Gecko/20120907 Thunderbird/15.0.1'

Bounce chart

Allowed codes for bounces are listed in the table below


Bounce Type

Bounce Description


Auto Reply


Bounce No Email Address




General Bounce


Hard Bounce


Mail Block - General


Mail Block - Attachment Detected


Mail Block - Known Spammer


Mail Block - Relay Denied


Mail Block - Spam Detected


Non Bounce


Soft Bounce - General


Soft Bounce - Dns Failure


Soft Bounce - Mailbox Full


Soft Bounce - Message Size Too Large


Subscribe Request


Transient Bounce


Unsubscribe Request


CSV Exported file shipping

The export process can put the target csv file to your console disk space you can usually connect through a Mailup Ftp account, or, if you feel more comfortable, we can ship it to yours.

When filling in the "submit form" at the bottom of this page, you'll find the proper blanks to let us know what FTP account the export process has to connect to. Leave them blank if you'd like the csv file to be left on your default Mailup account disk space.

When connected to your Mailup Ftp Account you'll find the exported csv files at this FTP relative path : "/ftp_export/"



FULL export type, accordingly to your usual campaign volumes, may generate a high amount of rows, remarkably increasing the target file size in some cases.

There's an optional feature that allows you to receive only the last action a subscriber took on a certain campaign. For instance, instead of writing both an Open and its subsequen click rows, the export process would only write the click row. This feature usually dicreases a lot the average target file size.

You can submit your request filling in to "Show only last action row" as "Yes" in the form below.

Submit form

Please submit your request to Mailup support making sure you've filled the form below with your export preferences : 

Csv exported file nameWrite here the name of the exported csv
Column SeparatorWrite here the character to use
Text QualifierWrite here the character to use, else leave it blank
Show click UrlYes / No
Show Send IdYes / No
Show click/open ip addressYes / No
Show Geographical InformationYes / No
Show User AgentYes / No
Show Campaign tagsYes / No
Dynamic FieldsWrite here field ids or names
File HeaderYes / No
Show only last action rowYes / No
Show click rowsYes / No
Show views rowsYes / No
Show bounce rowsYes / No
Show no actions rowsYes / No
Show Sent rowsYes / No
FrequencyDaily / Weekly
RecursOnce / Every Day
Ftp Host : PortYour Ftp Host Name
Ftp UsernameYour Ftp Username
Ftp PasswordYour Ftp account password
Ftp subfolderThe Ftp subfolder the file will be placed to