As explained in the section describing Configuration, to set up an automatic import procedure in MailUp the following details have to be agreed with our support team

  1. Credentials to access the shared FTP repository
  2. File name (or regular expression to match multiple file names)
  3. How often and at what time of day to schedule the import (only in case you are using your FTP space. In case of MailUp's FTP space the import will be executed as soon as you upload the file)
  4. Incremental or full import
  5. Correspondence between fields in the file and personal data fields in the MailUp console, and correct mapping
  6. Possible requirements on fields format (e.g. fixed length)
  7. Destination list (if not specified in the file)
  8. Destination group (optional, if not specified in the file)
  9. Opt-in and opt-out settings
  10. Channels (emails and/or text messages)
  11. Precautions to avoid any modification of the file during import
  12. Procedures for checking the accuracy of the import process 

Configuration is usually agreed by means of a sample file and a survey (where you indicate the needs of your Data Sync import) that the customer sends to the MailUp support team.


Should you need any further information or custom integrations please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or support team.