This export type pulls out the subscribed recipients to a single or multiple Mailup lists and export them to a csv file.

Please see below how it can be configured.

Basic Layout


Header Display Name




EmailemailThe subscribed email  N
List IdList IdThe list the recipient subscribed to  Y
DateSubscription DateThe date it subscribed  Y
GroupGroups IdThe groups a recipent subscribed to  Y


Column options

  1. Column "List Id"
  2. Column "Date"
  3. Column "Groups"
  4. Any dynamic recipient field


Other options

  1. Display Column header
  2. Encrypt Email column values



Sample 1 : The subscribers layout displays "Email", "List Id" and "Subscription Date" columns and column header at the top of it.

email;List Id;Subscription Date;2;20150325T103004;2;20150325T103004;2;20150325T103004;2;20150325T103004;2;20150325T103004


Sample 2 : The subscribers layout displays "Email", "List Id","Subscription Date", "FIrst Name" and "Last Name" columns but with no header.;2;20150325T103004;john;smith;2;20150325T103004;mark;green;2;20150325T103004;andrew;white;2;20150325T103004;steve;brown;2;20150325T103004;mike;black


Sample 3 : The subscribers layout displays "Entrypted md5 Email", "List Id","Subscription Date"


Optional md5 / sha1 / sha256 / sha512 encryption applies to Email column only

Export Type "SUB" submit form

Please submit your request to Mailup support today, and make sure you've filled the the form below : 

Csv exported file nameWrite here the name of the exported csv
Column SeparatorWrite here the carachter to use
Included Mailup ListsWrite here the ids of the lists you want data to be pulled out of
Excluded Mailup ListsWrite here the list you want to prevent data to be pulled out of
Show List IdYes / No
Show DateYes / No
Show subscribed groupsYes / No
Dynamic fieldsWrite here the field ids or names
Encrypted Email ?Yes / No
Encryption methodmd5 / sha1 / sha256 / sha512

Should you need any further information or custom integrations please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or support team.