FTPZIP is a MailUp application that allows to send an email message to a defined list of recipients by simply uploading a ZIP archive to an sFTP location (via sFTP only, using port 22). 
This features is typically used by advanced users that have a need for configuring and sending a campaign without accessing the MailUp web application, and without using the MailUp APIs.

Operation modes

FTPZIP presents different Operation Modes. They are:

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you can enclose in the ZIP archive different kinds of files.
The only mandatory file is the one called settings.xml. The information enclosed in settings.xml allows to determine the Operations Mode and the details needed for each different operation mode.

Operation mode use cases

FTPZIP  manage the following use cases:

Operation mode kind of mailing

FTPZIP will be configured to execute only Massive Send, only Transactional Send or both. For details about FTPZIP configuration ask to your commercial reference.

Send of email message to a list of recipients can be executed in two different ways:

We recommend use of Massive Send when is required manage a single zip archive one at a time and the newsletter have to be sent to a great amount of subscribers. 
We recommend use of Transactional Send when is required manage more than one zip archive at the same time and the newsletters have to be sent to a reduced amount of subscribers.


In case FTPZIP executes a Massive Send, the personal data of subscribers listed in the Recipients.csv file (details hereare imported in MailUp Account Database. 
Email messages are sent as a common mailing executed using the MailUp Web Application.

When FTPZIP works in this way:


In case FTPZIP executes a Transactional Send, the personal data of subscribers listed in the Recipients.csv file (details here)  aren't imported in MailUp Account Database.  
Email message are sent using MailUp Transactional APIDetails about how to enable and configure Transactional Mailing on a MailUp Account are here 

When FTPZIP works in this way:

Upload ZIP Archive

The ZIP archive has to be uploaded in the FTP subfolder “/import_zip” that can be accessed from your FTP root path.

Use SFTP protocol (port 22).

Notification alert messages

FTPZIP can send email message to notify the result of the operation or error arisen during the execution. The email messages are sent to the address written in the node notifyemail in settings.xml (see here or here).

Details about notifications messages are here.