The Email statistics section, available in Statistics > Email, contains all the statistical reports about a list's activity.

From this page, you may reach:

You may also download a report in .csv format.

The page contains a list of messages or sendouts, depending on the initial selection. For each message/sendout, the list shows the following information:

Click on "See statistics" to browse the detailed reports.

From the actions menu you may also:

Search filters

Sendouts, as well as messages, may be filtered to identify a specific sendout or filter sendouts based on certain properties. Specifically, you can:


The Sendouts list allows consulting statistical reports at individual sending levels. For example, if a message has been sent several times, as in the case of messages associated with automation activities, it will appear several times in the list.

To reach the sendouts list, switch to "Sendouts" at the top of the page.


From this page, you may export various reports in CSV format.

Exports may be triggered in a few ways:

In any of the cases mentioned above, the report once ready will be available in the Notification center.

Reports are visible only for the logged-in user who requests them. If an account has more users, they will only see the reports they requested.

SMTP+ statistics

SMTP+ is an SMTP relay service for sending transactional emails with a high delivery rate. With SMTP+ you can leverage MailUp to send emails from third-party applications (e.g. an ecommerce site) quickly, successfully, and in a traceable way.

Use the SMTP+ Statistics tab to view reports for SMTP+ mailings.