The Summary dashboard gives you a quick overview of your favorite lists. It is available only for platforms with more than one list. To access it, select "List summary"  in the list selector or click "Compare all your lists" in the list dashboard header.

In the search bar, you can select, using the drop-down menu that appears, any of the lists available (up to maximum 5).

For each selected list a dashboard appears showing:

Plus, for those who have modified or sent an SMS message in the last 90 days and has credits available, this overview is also available for the SMS channel with:

How to set the dashboard as default

The summary Dashboard is set as the default dashboard, for all platforms with more than one list.

Click on the star icon, on the right of the list name, to set a list as the favorite one and to open it automatically at every login. Conversely, remove any preferences to view the Summary Dashboard as default.