This section contains all the info related to the single recipient.

In the top-left section you can find:

The top-right section, on the other hand, contains main recipient fields (To set different fields, click on "Set fields to show". Click on "Show all fields" to see them all.

From this page, you are able to modify a recipient by selecting "Edit" on the top of the page.

Last activities performed by the recipient (subscriptions, mailings, opens, clicks, unsubscriptions, and errors) are available in the sections named Email activity stream and SMS activity stream. To see the whole history, select "Show all". Here you can filter by type of event.

The menu Trend shows a graphic of the latest actions done by the recipients of the email channel, plus a list of the most recent messages sent. Finally, the menu Groups recap all the groups the recipient is part of, giving the possibility to access the page that allows to modify them.

Recipient profile actions

As said, the Recipient profile contains all the info related to the single recipient.

In this section you can also:

Engagement ratings

The Recipient profile includes, as said, all the info related to each recipient. It also provides the evaluation of the Engagement rating represented by stars on a scale from 0 to 5.

The Engagement rating is a value based on the interactions of each recipient in all communications received, and it's calculated taking into account:


This value is calculated automatically each time a new campaign is sent.


How Engagement ratings work?

Here is an overview of what the stars ratings mean:

Engagement ratings

Recipient activities

We don't have info on the rating (no email was sent)

The recipient registered a high number of soft bounce

The recipient is inactive

The recipient showed a low engagement or he is new or he didn't have enough time to take an action

The recipient has shown a degree of engagement in the average, he often takes actions in active campaigns

The recipient has shown a high degree of engagement, he always takes actions in the campaigns he receives