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In this section, you can create new recurring automated campaigns. After having selected Automation > Content > New campaign and finally Email.

Choose source

To create a new campaign select New campaign.

To complete the first step:

  • Insert Campaign name
  • Choose the source used to retrieve new content and send automated messages. You can add a new source selecting "Add new source".

  • Set messages subject choosing between:
    • Title of the first content
    • Titles of first 3 contents, separated by |
    • Fixed subject (to be typed on the tab)
  • number of contents to show in the message body

Select "Next" to move to the following step, message building.

Build message

After having selected the source and retrieved contents you have to decide how to display them in the message.

To select a template, place the pointer on "choose template", as in the video above. A range of template is available, both with or without images. Click on the template you prefer, and the preview image automatically changes accordingly.

Click on the button "edit message" on the top-right.

In this section, you are able to modify the message using the Liquid markup language. To know more about tags and possible changes read the page dedicated to Automated campaign template.

Select "save message" to move forward.

Sending options

Insert sending info, taking care of inserting meaningful sender name and sender email (i.e. the from email).

In addition to editing your sender email address, you can now edit the Reply-to email address conveniently when setting up your email campaign, without having to edit it in the List settings section.

The from email must be an email address that is easily recognizable and viewed as trustworthy by your recipients. If the email is new you have to verify it and click on Verify now so that you receive a link to click for confirmation.

Your reply-to email (i.e. the email that your recipients can write back to by clicking on reply) should be recognizable and friendly, as opposed to a address. The purpose of having a friendly reply-to email is to encourage your recipients to contact you.

The Deliverability Checkup system will warn you in case the configured sender has issues. If so, go to Settings > Account settings > Deliverability checkup for more details on how to improve your email's deliverability.

To segment your mailing list, fill in the segmentation conditions by including or excluding groups and applying one or more filters.

Finally, set sending frequency:

  • based on source update
  • decide when to send
    • send if there are at least N new contents
    • on certain predefined days
    • at a certain time

Select "Next", once finished.

Review and send

In this page, you can have a comprehensive overview of your campaign and edit sections if needed.

The page can be divided into four sections:

The second tab in the right column, summarize source information, click on the pencil icon to edit them.

The last section contains sending options. By clicking on the pencil icon you are redirected to the page where they were set.

The column on the left shows a preview of the message with the Liquid tags. Click on the button "edit" to modify.

You can access other actions clicking on the arrow:

Now that you have reviewed the campaign you have three options:

  • Make a quick send,
  • Save,
  • Activate the campaign, enabling the option in the first tab on the right.
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